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We Can Make You Better

Wearable Tech in 2015 

I attended the Wearable Tech Show 2015 on March 10th at the ExCel in London, just for one day. Let me start by saying that the ExCel is an okay venue and I’ve been there before. I don’t understand the logic of shutting over half the places that serve food midweek when there are clearly more than one event going on. Anyway…

I was on a fact finding mission and so visited almost every stand. In the end I got a little tired as it was all much of a muchness. There were certainly some interesting products and ideas on display although about half of them looked like they were products looking for a use and another quarter were ideas and tech that will presumably be subsumed by some larger tech corporation like Samsung or Apple. Someone should have warned me to expect the trackers though. Trackers. So many trackers.


Everyone is selling a health tracker of some sort and they all have some interesting or really boring USP. Worryingly, I had to explain the concept …

Anaesthetic Reference Cards

Pre-flight Check

Anaesthetic Reference Cards, a new Subjective Effect app, is out now on iTunes and Google Play. The support site, with instructions, can be found here.

I was approached (electronically, natch) by a consultant anaesthetist who thought the physical cards he'd been involved with producing would make a nice app. He was right. It's a simple app for anaesthetic novices and as such has probably been released too early. When the new intake starts in August perhaps they'll find their way to it. Oh, it's my first Ionic app. More to come.

Ionic and on an on

Speaking of Ionic; I wrote a relatively well received piece over on Medium which is partly intended to be really useful for Ionic beginners and partly my own notes, for me, posted online so I can get to them any time. Have a read.