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The Power Of Voting - DAS Ascot 2013

I administered the mobile phone voting system at the DAS Meeting 2013 at Ascot ( and I think all who attended agreed that this type of interactivity added a lot of flavour and stimulation to the discussion of the case presentations.

These are some samples of the results. This first one is from a comparison between the expert panel, comprised of 7 members, and the audience, 140 of whom responded.

Experts & The Audience

This was a case regarding a large wound haematoma secondary to C-spine surgery. The haematoma was anterior to the larynx causing severe narrowing of the airway with stridor. Unfortunately I don't have the CT image from the presentation.

Of the four options (and one "other") the expert panel was split between the two awake options on offer.

The audience, whilst largely agreeing with the experts, gave a wider range of choices with a significant number of people opting for IV induction.

Bear in mind - the audience did not know results …