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DAS, Resus and EtherWare


As usual, I'm a little late with this.

The new Difficult Airway Society app, by Subjective Effect, is out now for Android and iOS phones and tablets. It's free, of course.

Oh, and it's called "DAS App" so you'll have to scroll past about ten German apps first :p

Get it here for:




In other news - Resus Algorithms has now been downloaded on iOS the same number of times as there are current installs on Android, give or take 10 installs. I'll be graphing the stats because the Android version was released some time before the iOS version and it'll be interesting.


Be sure to head on over to my other outfit - EtherWare.

This is a collaborative effort with anther doctor-coder and our inaugural app, Drug Cards, will be out any day now.