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IonicUK Launch

I'm on the way home from the Ionic UK launch at Skills Matter in London. It was a interesting meet-up for sure and some of the technical chat went a little over my head. Most of it made sense and it was really heartening to see so many other people involved and excited about something I'm so keen on - it's going places.

There were a few stand out moments for me personally. All the people were really friendly and approachable and I had a small chat with Ryan from Sworkit. That's a really cool app that one guy made. Impressive.

But the big thing for me was something I'd never really thought about before. When you develop a website, or a web app, you do it with the aim of deploying once and your app or site being accessible and functional from any browser. This is even more true if you have a fully responsive site that works on mobiles and tablets.

Developing native apps for mobile is a different thing altogether. Not only do you need to use a different language for e…

Resus Algorithms on Android hits 4500 users

Yes, 4500. That's some type of milestone because it's taken ages for the numbers to rise from about 4300 users. There were a few dips where I lost users but no matter - the point of Resus Algorithms is to get those algorithms into the hands of those that want and need them.

The story on iOS is a little different.

In the Google dev console I can see downloads AND current installs. On iOS I can only see downloads so I've no idea how many people are still using using Resus Algorithms.

On iOS there are 4910 downloads. On Android there are actually 7570 downloads. 3000 people uninstalled Resus Algorithms on Android. Can I accept the same proportions on iOS?

I'm going to assume, for arguments sake, that all 4900 iOS downloads represent users.

The latest NHS numbers, from this link - - state there are 518864 doctors and nurses in the NHS at the moment.

So I have 1.81% penetration of my potential users!

In July 2014…

EZDrugID and EtherWare

I've been busy with my other outfit - EtherWare - working on something (else!) exciting for anaesthetists.

EtherWare recently released Drug Cards , a cross platform (iOS & Android, natch) app for doctors and nurses who work in emergencies, theatres and ITU, and anywhere really (if we're being honest). Medical staff really need something they can get their teeth into and the BNF doesn't really cut it. It's massive and comprehensive, in terms of the range and number of medications listed, and we all love to have one (or the app) to hand. It doesn't give you the type of salient and to the point points we'd like though - hence Drug Cards. A large component of drug cards is the pharmacology and effects section.

We think we've done a good job but get in touch, here or on EtherWare, if you have suggestions, praise or criticism. You'll notice there is a Pearls of Wisdom section that is empty for many of our drugs; this is for you, the user, to suggest what …