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A Small Flood of Apps

ENTSHO, Resus Algorithms 2 and The DAS APP

This last week was pretty busy. I've released a new app, released a new and overhauled version of an app and released a teeny tiny update to another app.


The app is out now for Android and iOS. It's a collaborative production with 

You can find it for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store now. 

This is "Stage 1" of the ENTSHO release - there are three guideline sections but only one is available at the moment. The other two will be released in the next few weeks, as staggered releases. Thereafter the app will updated to reflect the guidelines at

Resus Algorithms 2

The popular Resus Algorithms was getting pretty long in the tooth and, more importantly, was out of date. Resus Algorithms 2 has the Resus Council (UK) guidelines from 2015; the latest versions.

iResus is back from the ether and this time it's by the Resus Council. It's similar but different to Resus Algorithms 2 which retains the essential layout of the original Resus Algorithms (which now, sadly, exists only on my hard drive and the devices which still haven't updated). 

There is a new section on CPR and Defibrillation, and a CPR Recorder.

The CPR Recorder allows users to record the times of the Start of CPR, Shocks delivered and Adrenaline administered, with the facility to email a report of this timeline. It's on ongoing development and should be considered very much a beta version. Note: the recorder itself has NO facility for recording any patient information at all. No NHS number, no name, no age, not even gender. This is intentional. 

Get it here if you haven't already: 

The DAS App

Last but not least - The DAS App had a minor tweak last week. It was a bug fix that you'll likely not have noticed anyway, and the bug is gone now.

That's it for now. Watch this space for plenty of new soon though. 


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DAS App v2 - out now for iOS and Android

Finally, it's here

The new DAS intubation guidelines arrived this month, along with the the new OAA airway guidelines that we first heard about a year ago!

You can read about the new DAS intubation guidelines here: DAS Intubation Guidelines 2015

And the new OAA guidelines here: OAA Guidelines

So along with the new guidelines there is a new app that now contains the corresponding algorithms. It's available for Android 4.1+ and iOS 9.1+

The support site is here: DAS App support site

Get it for your iOS or Android device, for free

Download for iOSDownload for Android