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Report Tool Update 4.1 - 5th June 2013

I think I've cracked it.
Feedback appreciated.

Report Tool Update 4 - 5th June 2013

I've been busy.
Testing has revealed an oversight in an aspect of the Report Tool formulas relating to the filtering of data into Direct, Indirect and Teaching. I've all but corrected it but the current Report Tool will only work properly if you only have Local and Distant cases in your logbook.
Of course the data in the main sheet is still safe so don't worry about it.
I have one more column (just 3 cells!) to correct but they are a little complex and its getting late.
I'll fix them asap and let everyone know.

Template and Report Tool Update - 22th May 2013

The Logbook v2 template (Anaesthetic Logbook v2 in the Memento online catalog) has been updated to fix a small error.
If you already have the template you can fix this yourself:
  • Edit the template by long pressing on it in Memento and pressing Edit.
  • Click on Supervision.
  • Long press on Distant and then press Change.
  • Remove the space after the word Distant, save the new template and re-sync with Google Drive
The Report Tool should be working fine but there are some formulae that need altering.
When they are updated I will post another update. Its easy to fix your reports by just copying the updated sheet and replacing the old sheet. As long as your main sheet of cases stays intact altering the other sheets will not compromise your data. In fact I encourage alteration and suggestions for alternate versions! The version I am hosting should only be considered a base version for you to alter as you see fit.
Of course you can just use whatever I supply though...

Report Tool Update 3 - 15th May 2013

The Reporting Tool is back online for use and testing.

Report Tool Update 2 - 13th May 2013

There are further problems with the shared version of the Reporting Tool formulas so I'm temporarily removing it from the site and from Google Docs.
It appears that there is a bug that has been transferred across from one of the first experimental versions I created.
Therefore I will be rebuilding it from the ground up.
This will take a few days so watch this space.

Report Tool Update - 5th May 2013

Feedback I've gratefully received highlighted some issues with the shared version of the Reporting Tool formulas.
These issues should be resolved now but further feedback is always welcome.

Logbook v2 and Report Tool now available for testing - 24th April 2013

The site has been updated to include information on v2 of the Memento logbook template and the Google Docs reporting tool.


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