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BCH KIDS released cross-platform, Resus Algorithms v2 news and more

The BCH KIDS app, a companion guideline app to the BCH KIDS website guidelines from Birmingham Children's Hospital Kids Intensive Care and Decision Support transfer service has finally been released for iOS.

The Android version was released almost 2 weeks ago but iOS approval has happened now too - you can get it for both platforms, for phone or tablet.

Drug Cards is recruiting for beta testers at the moment. Get in touch if you're interested. Testers get a free copy!

Resus Algorithms has reached over 3400 installs on Android and finally over 2000 downloads on iOS. The iOS download number is a milestone.

v2 is in the oven. It'll be slicker, quicker and more user friendly. Expect it soon.


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DAS App v2 - out now for iOS and Android

Finally, it's here

The new DAS intubation guidelines arrived this month, along with the the new OAA airway guidelines that we first heard about a year ago!

You can read about the new DAS intubation guidelines here: DAS Intubation Guidelines 2015

And the new OAA guidelines here: OAA Guidelines

So along with the new guidelines there is a new app that now contains the corresponding algorithms. It's available for Android 4.1+ and iOS 9.1+

The support site is here: DAS App support site

Get it for your iOS or Android device, for free

Download for iOSDownload for Android

Gamification and Education


Anyone who has used Duolingo for any amount of time will tell you - it's wonderful. Why is it wonderful? Well, it teaches you a foreign language and you can tell its working because you progress. There comes a point where you're typing (or swiping) whole sentences and you just get it. It starts to come together. Suddenly you can say "Our cat does not eat cheese" and then "His trousers are red" in another language. Your pronunciation is probably awful but so what?

The thing with Duolingo is this; it doesn't just teach you, it gamifies the teaching. Each lesson is packaged into little chunks and for each chunk you have 3 hearts, or lives. You can fail but you can't fail too many times. It's a bit like R-Type in that sense, and you can buy power-ups and extras (though I can't find the heart refill anymore, sadly). There's even a timed practice that really puts the pressure on.

So as you can tell, if you've ever thought about th…